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Search Engine Optimization for Law Firm Websites

Crafting a website for your law firm and optimizing it for SEO may seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re not well versed in the workings of search engines and online business. But once we break it down the matter becomes simpler. With these guidelines, you can build yourself a clear plan that will help you attract more clients and enable your firm to develop its online presence and grow.

  1. Keywords
    These are essential. People want to visit your website because it provides the precise services they are looking for. For them to do that, you need to make sure that when web users search for specific, relevant criteria, your website shows up in the results. Use targeted keywords that are relevant to the services you replied. “New York Attorney,” for example, is too vague. It will show up multiple results from every law firm in New York, which may or may not supply what the client wants. Put yourself in the mind of the client. Imagine what you would search for if you needed a law firm that provides the services yours offers. You probably would not just search for “attorney,” you’d use more precise words. A specific keyword, like “Manhatten Divorce Attorney,” will give more accurate and local information.
  2. How to optimize your website by planning and doing researchResearch the rankings for your keywords.
    Half the battle lies in knowing what sort of competition you are up against. Once you’ve chosen your keywords, search for every one of them on Google and observe the results. Make a note of where all of your competitors rank.
  3. Optimize your home page with your keywords.
    Your home page should be aligned with your chosen keywords. Make sure that everything it contains is optimized with a well-written H1, title tag and meta description.
  4. Make your pages keyword-specific.
    If your website’s pages contain a great deal of information relevant to the keywords on each page, your site will appear higher in search engines’ listings. Organize your information and optimize each page for the keywords used on it. For example, if you want to appear high in searches about family law in your locality, keywords such as “divorce,” “child custody,” “property distribution” would be appropriate. Again, put yourself in the mind of the client: what would you search for if you wanted to find out about these services but didn’t know where to start? Use an SEO-friendly URL for every individual page, and include a title tag, a meta description, H1, and H2s. Make sure the content reaches a minimum of 400 words per page and ensure that it is precise, good quality content: informative and direct in language that the reader will be able to understand. Get your keywords in, in a natural, fluid way so that they don’t bombard the reader.
  5. Web page optimization best practices include checking website code for errorsMake sure your website functions correctly.
    A website that takes a long time to load doesn’t display correctly, or breaks down will only frustrate everybody who wants to look at it. Web users won’t wait for pages to load and cannot view broken pages at all. So make sure your website is kept to a high standard of quality and that its function remains consistently smooth. With smartphones steadily growing in popularity, it has also become essential that websites will display appropriately on mobiles. A well-maintained mobile-friendly website will also receive better results in the rankings: Google will omit non-mobile-friendly results from its search results.
  6. Keep track of your organic keyword rankings.
    Use a keyword ranking tool to observe how your keywords work to pull in visitors and which keywords are having the most significant effect. This will help you to adjust your website to maximize its success. Bear in mind that it can take a few days, weeks or months for SEO to take effect, so be patient.

The Impact of SEO for Law Firms

SEO, when adequately taken on board, will deliver a massive impact on your law firm website. It will enable you to streamline your pages, attract clients who otherwise might have passed you by, and enjoy lucrative long-term results. Once you have followed the guidelines above you will be better equipped to maximize your website’s productivity, but remember: maintaining a website is a long-term commitment. To keep it high in the rankings, you will need to add new content regularly. If you can commit over the long term, SEO will pay off.

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