Do You Really Need A Family Law Attorney?

Choosing the ideal legal representative to assist you with the divorce process can be hard. Also if you have been referred to a specific attorney by a person you trust, it is still vital to do your research. Below are inquiries to think about when determining if an attorney is qualified to manage your family legislation issue.

Just how much of your time is dedicated to the method of family legislation and also how much time have you been practicing?

The problems in family legislation situations are complex and varied. A household law lawyer must have a strong expertise of provincial laws and county guidelines appropriate to child wardship, the different economic facets of divorce (building division, alimony as well as post-separation assistance, child assistance) as well as domestic violence. Exercising household legislation additionally calls for an understanding of property, company, tax obligation, bankruptcy as well as employment legislation, in addition to psychology, addiction, and also youngster habits. If a lawyer does not commit the large bulk of his/her method to family regulation, it may be unlikely that she or he can bring the requisite expertise and also experience to the scenario or offer your case the interest it will certainly need. Additionally, a skilled lawyer can prepare you of what to expect at a hearing, a specific court’s tendencies, methods to make use of in working out an out of court agreement, as well as define how much your case will certainly cost you monetarily and mentally.

What are your fees as well as how will I be charged?

It is common for family regulation attorneys to charge an hourly rate for the right solutions they offer. The rates for attorneys can differ and also rely on a number of variables such as experience level, market trends, and geographic place. It is likewise usual for paralegals to bill an hourly price for the work they might do pertaining to a details matter. When taking into consideration the cost of working with a household regulation attorney, it can be handy to locate a company with a number of legal representatives that use various per hour prices for resolving your needs.

What other costs do you anticipate will be entailed?

Your instance may require additional costs and also solutions, such as declaring fees, stenotype reporter, process servers, private detectives, experts, accounting professionals, and psychological wellness professionals.

Exactly how do you solve disagreements?

Once more, it is essential to recognize the lawyer’s experience and just how that experience can be applied to your situation. Some lawyers have even more experience in litigating situations than others. If you have a highly opposed action that you know will be litigated, then you might want to choose an attorney who has significant courtroom experience. Alternatively, if you believe your problems will certainly be resolved out of court, then selecting a lawyer who has experience negotiating as well as preparing large negotiation files may be the best suitable for you.

Exactly how do you collaborate with your customers?

Lawyers work in different ways with their customers based on the attorney’s individuality as well as an approach to the practice of legislation, as well as the customer’s engagement in the matter. A customer ought to be comfortable in exactly how the attorney will certainly approach his or her instance. Recognizing what to anticipate from the beginning can be beneficial in developing a strong attorney-client relationship. Some indicate think of:

  • Numerous attorneys will certainly have a legal assistant or lawful aide that aids with his/her situations and also clients. In addition, some lawyers might likewise delegate different job and also obligations to an associate lawyer.
  • It is essential to recognize how the lawyer and also his or her team interact with customers, as well as the approaches of interaction that are utilized (i.e., email, telephone conferences, fax, etc.).
  • Being comfortable with the regularity of your communication with the attorney is important. Normal interaction with your attorney will keep you as much as date on the progress of your instance as well as knowledgeable about asking for extra info appropriate to your issue.
  • While an attorney might not constantly be instantly readily available due to court, depositions, conferences with other customers, etc., he or she ought to be prompt in reacting to your emails, texts as well as telephone messages.
  • Equally, as a customer must expect timely feedbacks from an attorney, the client likewise has a duty to respond to his or her attorney’s inquiries.
  • While a lawyer can not ensure desirable outcomes, he or she ought to offer you a sensible analysis of your legal situation as well as a suggested strategy based upon your special circumstances and goals.
  • Individual compatibility with your attorney and his or her staff is very important. Family regulation concerns can be highly personal, and also a customer needs to feel safe and secure in sharing sensitive information really.

How To Perform SEO For Lawyers – Coronation Internet Marketing Victoria SEO

If you seek success in the world of online marketing, then you need a website. You can’t do business online without one. But it isn’t enough just to have the website. Regardless of how high quality your content is, and how beautifully you have presented it, it will not help you unless it can attract clients. To do that, your website needs to pull in traffic.

Website Optimization Graph statistics

The key to generating traffic lies in search engine rankings. A high ranking result for a targeted keyword is by far the most effective way to pull in visitors who are searching for exactly the service you provide. This is known as “search engine optimization,” or “SEO.”

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6 SEO Tips to Grow Your Law Firm

lawyer working at computer on SEO

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Lawyers should take advantage of SEO as an increasing number of people seek out information about law firms on their computers or mobile devices. One thing you should do is to use the best keywords that would best optimize your website’s ranking. If your law firm specializes in family law cases, you might use keywords such as “child custody,” “alimony” and “child support. Here are additional ways to use SEO for your law firm.

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Things You Absolutely Should Not Say To An Employment Lawyer

You believe that you have a solid case against your employer. You have taken the time to do the research and have identified the perfect employment lawyer, but when you reach out to this professional, you find out that he isn’t interested in taking your case. You try another employment law firm. Still no go. What’s going wrong?

It might be that your case isn’t the clear-cut winner that you think it is. It could be something you’ve said. It can be challenging to find an employment lawyer on the employee side. There are few employment law firms with this type of experience. Many seasoned employment lawyers are incredibly busy. Although they definitely want to take on good cases, they aren’t exactly waiting around for the phone for your call.

Following are several things that you can say that might cause an employment law firm to turn your case down, even if it is a good one.

This case is going to be easy money: If the case is so easy, why are you looking for an employment lawyer. In employment law, there is never such a thing as easy money. In fact, plaintiffs usually lose these cases. If these cases wind up being settled early on, it’s usually due to the reputation of the lawyer and the ability of this professional to convince the other part that you have a case with merit. You shouldn’t insult your employment lawyer from the outset.

I’m not settling for anything under a million dollars: Best of luck with that. In employment law, there are often caps on the amount that can be recovered. Even if no caps exist, most of these cases do not bring in a ton of cash. This is telling your lawyer that you’re going to be unrealistic and difficult to deal with during negotiations. An employment lawyer wants to know that you’ll be willing to list when a settlement is recommended.

They’re going to settle to avoid negative publicity: You hope. More than likely, they won’t. A lot of people think this, but it rarely turns out to be true. I often find that with more publicity, companies are a lot less likely to settle. Even though defendants who don’t settle lose about $1.1 million on average as a result, they understand that employment law and the related cases are complex. Your attorney is going to have to convince the other party’s attorney that you have a case with merit. Moreover, your employment lawyer cannot threaten to go to the police or the media given that this is extortion.

I have talked to 10 different lawyers: So how come none of these professionals took your case? You might be trying to play lawyers against one another, or it may not be a good case. Seeming arrogant can turn lawyers off. It is okay to speak with several lawyers, but you should not try to pit them against one another. The employment law community is a moderately sized one, and thus, we all tend to know one another.

I’ve talked with lawyers who’ve quoted a lower price: Then this is who you should hire. If you’re talking to an expensive lawyer, this professional probably has more experience. Don’t beg for discounts as this can be insulting to a lawyer’s rates.

My last lawyer sold me out. Highly doubtful. When lawyers work on contingencies or partial contingencies, getting you the best deal is in their best interests. You may have just had realistic expectations for your case and the suggested settlement amount. Why would another lawyer want to take your case if you have proven difficult for a different lawyer? If you’ve been through many lawyers, it is probably you, not them.

Your staff said ____: My desk is right next to the office manager who takes all of my incoming calls and I find what prospective clients try to tell me that she said when I was privy to the entire conversation. They might claim that she quoted the wrong key, said something misleading about their cases, or something else that I know she never said, and suddenly, this person has zero credibility. Never try to tell a lawyer that you’ve been told that there’s no fee when there is or that you were quoted a lower fee or anything else that just isn’t the truth. If you show yourself as a liar from the outset, no lawyer is going to want to take your case.

I’m looking for a pro se lawyer: This means that you want someone to work for free. You should talk to Legal Aid or Legal Services. Practicing law is not a hobby. We would rather spend time with our loved ones than in our offices. We pay our bills and our mortgages by practicing law. You don’t ask doctors to do their work for free so why should you expect attorneys to? If you’re looking for a lawyer who is willing to work on contingency, ask if this is possible. Just don’t ask a lawyer to handle your case for free. Walter Mendes from LM Law likes to say: “You can always choose to represent yourself in court if you want to save money; but if you want to be sure to win your case, you should hire a skilled attorney.

I know you quoted your fee over the phone, but I’d like to talk first: Use that line on your doctor. If you have been quoted a fee, don’t waste your time or a lawyer’s time by trying to talk them into working for less or for no fee at all.

Let Us Recommend A Lawyer Based On Your Location:

Lesperance Mendes Employment Lawyers
900 Howe St #550, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2M4

I forgot my appointment (or I ran out of gas or any other lame excuse for not showing up): If you don’t respect a lawyer’s time, don’t expect this professional to want you as his or her client. They can only assume that you’ll be missing or late for all hearings and depositions, and even for your trial. Never fail to show up. If you have to cancel, let your lawyer know in advance so someone else can be penciled in.

I haven’t completed the questionnaire: There are some clients who have refused to give me the names of their employers and in one case, the name of the client. The questionnaire exists for a reason. There is a reason for this questionnaire, just like there is a reason for completing your medical history questionnaire with your doctor.

I didn’t bring my paperwork (or it’s in this disorganized wad): Take care of the documents that are vital to your case. Bring these when you come for your appointment. Make sure you can find what you need. If you cannot take care of your own evidence, few lawyers are going to be interested in taking your case.

I will do the work: You arrive with 20 binders, half of which are filled with your own legal research. You say that you’re willing to do the legwork – you just need a lawyer to sign off on the pleadings. Even though lawyers like people to get involved in their cases, you should not insult these professionals by telling them that you can do their job just as good or better than they can.

Be respectful. Treat lawyers like the professionals they are. Be kind to their team members as well.

After you have hired a lawyer, work hard to maintain a good relationship. A lot of people think that being nasty to their lawyers is a good idea. This is someone who will be giving you advice, so you don’t want to alienate them. You wouldn’t be nasty to your accountant or doctor.

With diligent research and cooperation on your end, I wish you the best in your experience working with an employment lawyer.

Personal Injury Settlement Without Legal Representation


When settling a personal injury claim, it can cost a great deal to retain the services of a lawyer, which is why many people have taken to filing and settling their legal claims. In this article, you’ll be directed on how to judge the severity of your case, what it might be worth, and what is the best procedure to follow for success. With this guide, you can gain a better understanding of when it is more feasible to represent yourself in a legal claim and how to do so in a professional manner.

When Should You Consider Self-Representation?

It’s very possible to represent yourself in an injury claim, particularly so if you have at least some experience. What is important to consider however is whether you should represent yourself in any given case. Two major criteria need to be addressed whenever this issue comes up, and these are:

1) What is the extent of your injuries?
If you happened to slip in a store and suffered bumps and bruises or were somehow injured due to the error on the part of one company or another, most establishments, especially corporations, won’t put up much of a fight to settle such a matter. For minor injuries it is easy to preside over your case, providing that those involved do not attempt to absolve themselves of any responsibility. For more serious injuries however, it would be wise to at least accept the advice of a professional attorney to understand the process and how you might go about seeking reparations.

2) Was there clear fault on the part of the other party?
One of the best case scenarios for any injury case involves having witnesses that can provide evidence and corroborate your story. In this manner, it is possible to find the fault in the situation and thus bring the matter to a close much quicker. But as was mentioned above, if the injuries are serious in any way it will be much harder to close such a case even with witnesses, as the more serious the injury, the greater a company will fight to save what they can. Whether lawful or frivolous, injury lawsuits can very easily ruin the reputation and financial stability of a company. Make certain you understand the personal injury law for your state to avoid confusion and possible complications that might arise.

Critical First Steps & Tips

There are a few steps to take before really getting into sending a letter to the insurance company, such as:

1) Take pictures of the accident scene and the injuries caused.
2) Obtain and file any necessary documentation, such as a police report if the situation is warranted.
3) Seek medical attention immediately following the injury.
4) Understand the limitations of your claim, as this can vary from state to state.
5) Stay off social media and refrain from giving a recorded statement to the other party’s insurance agent.

Estimating Your Damages

Two main types of damages occur in any personal injury case. Those are damages that are capable of exact calculation and those that are not. The former are known as special damages, while the latter have no special designation. Another factor to consider when taking into account the extent of an injury are lost earnings.

Special Damages
These are very straightforward considering that they can be given a concrete value and can be tracked. These types of losses include such things as property damages, medical bills, and other physical damages that one can adhere a price tag too.

Damages that Have No Exact Calculation
These types of damage are commonly known as the mental pain and suffering that can result from an injury or overly traumatic experience. While there is no way to gauge how much this affects an individual or how much it is worth, a jury usually decides what this type of damage is worth.

Lost Earnings
This type of loss is hard to quantify as it leans heavily upon what is lost due to the injury, such as income that suffers due to the inability of the individual to perform their job duties as usual after being hurt. While it is possible to go through and deduce just how much will be or might be lost, the exact amount is varied considering the severity of the injury.

Sending Your Demand Letter

This is only sent when it is time to get serious, and you have determined what your pain and suffering is worth. What you need to take into account is that the response that is given might not be exactly what you want. Upon receiving a counter or an acceptance letter, you will need to proceed to the next step. It might be wise to consider taking the advice or counsel of a lawyer in this matter, as they can give you a good idea of what needs to be said and how such a letter needs to be worded to appear sincere and professional.

Countering and Accepting a Settlement

The successful conclusion of this step comes when you and the other party have reached a satisfactory agreement that benefits everyone involved. Sometimes a mediator is brought in to sit and keep things civil between the two parties involved or simply to offer advice when it is needed. Once you’ve accepted a settlement your case will eventually be concluded, closed and you and the other party will go your separate ways.


Choosing whether or not to represent yourself in the case of a personal injury is a highly subjective matter. Some people do not wish to pay a lawyer such an enormous sum if they do happen to win their case, while others feel that they are competent enough to stand in their defense. No matter why or how you seek to represent yourself in an injury case, it is important to remember that in doing so you need to understand how the legal system works, what is allowed by law in your state, and how to handle your case in a professional and dignified manner.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Lawyers that specialize in personal Injury law know that Personal Injuries can happen to you at any time and any place. Personal Injury Lawyers know that you could be at work, at home, or even out shopping when the need the need for a personal injury Lawyer can occur. There is no telling where or how a personal injury may occur, or who may be at fault. That is why you need a Personal Injury Lawyer to assess any personal injury you may obtain as a result of your day-to-day activities.

Did you Know That You Can Claim Legal Compensation for an Accident That Occurred Up to 3 Years Ago?

A Personal Injury Lawyer will tell you that a personal injury can be simply explained as any circumstance or situation wherein you feel a physical and/or mental loss has occurred. Hundreds of thousands of individuals in the United States are injured every year and they all have a right to file a claim against the individual, party, or company that is liable for the personal injury. This is where having a Personal Injury Attorney or lawyer can help. Contact one today to find out your rights.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer can help you:

Personal Injury Lawyers and Attorneys specialize in Personal Injury lawsuits and share a skill and passion for defending those who have suffered injuries as a result of the negligence or carelessness of others, including individuals, parties, or even legal entities such as companies.

Violent crime resulting in Personal injury includes not only direct physical assault but also arson, fire, acts of poisoning and any illegal or careless activity that indirectly causes personal injury.

What can a Personal Injury Lawyer do?

“A Personal Injury Lawyer can assist you in fighting against large corporations if they are at fault for your injuries.” says Darryl Treadwell from Tim Louis & Company Law.  “A personal Injury Lawyer can help you file any suits, claims, and motions relating to your personal injury or any other violations.” You can find out more about Darryl at

A personal Injury Lawyer is trained to assess personal injuries and damages incurred, then give you an estimate so that you can file for the maximum compensation in court. A personal Injury Lawyer can also make appearances in court for you so that you do not have to. In a case where you are recovering from an accident, this is ideal.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer even if you think your claim is small, lawyers are trained and happy to answer your questions regarding your potential settlement.

Personal Injury Lawyer List of Injuries;

  • Workplace Accidents
  • Head, Back, Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Slip and Fall Injuries
  • Defamation
  • Animal Bites
  • Auto Accidents
  • Car Crashes
  • Denied Insurance Claim
  • Construction Accidents
  • Defective Products
  • Slip and Fall
  • Brain Injury
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Birth Injury
  • Dental Malpractice
  • Wrongful Death
  • Spinal Injury
  • Serious Personal Injury/Catastrophic Injuries
  • Nursing Home Abuse
  • Aviation Disasters, Plane Crashes/Accidents
  • Unfair Insurance Practices


(source: written by Tim Louis – Personal Injury Lawyer Vancouver BC – ICBC Claims & Car Accidents)